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Known for its red tiled, low-pitched roof, arches and stucco facade, this style gains its influence from a potpourri of countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea. Italian and Greek styles are major contributors to the design of the classic Mediterranean style home, though it also takes some style concepts from Spain.

At Barlowe Brothers, LLC, we believe that your home doesn’t have to mimic the home styles that ordinarily line the streets in the Lake Norman, North Carolina area. The Mediterranean is one of our dream home styles that reflects the culture and feel of Italy and Greece in a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing manner. What we love most about this design is that not only does it combine several classic styles, but it will also make your custom home stand out on the street where it is built. If you have always been enamored by the architecture in the Mediterranean, this style will make you feel right at home.

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