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Green Building

We utilize “Green Building” materials in all of our new construction and renovation projects in the Lake Norman area.

We at Barlowe Brothers LLC utilize “Green Building” materials in all of our new construction and renovation projects. We create environments that conserve energy and utilize environmentally responsible building materials – while still designing custom homes and other construction projects that are fresh and comfortable.


Construction materials and building techniques have changed in the past several decades to become more energy efficient. Many new innovations are less harmful to our environment as well.

Sustainable or “green building” design and construction is the opportunity to use our resources more efficiently, while creating healthier and more energy-efficient structures in which to live, work and play. Although there is no magic formula, success comes in the form of leaving a lighter footprint on the environment through conservation of resources, while at the same time balancing energy-efficient, cost-effective, low-maintenance products for our construction needs. In other words, green building design involves finding the delicate balance between building construction and the sustainable environment.

So you may be asking yourself, what in the world is “Green Building & Sustainable Construction?” In a nutshell, the overall mission of Green Construction is to promote energy efficient and environmentally friendly building solutions within the residential & commercial building and remodeling industry.

And what do Green Building & Sustainable Construction Practices involve? Well, these practices emphasize the four “R’s:”

  • REDUCE – Lower the quantities of building materials, resources, and embodied energy resources that are used
  • REUSE – Construction materials are reused where practical and structurally sound
  • RECYCLE – Recycled materials are used and the construction project is designed for recycle-ability
  • RENEW – Energy inputs from natural sources and renewable building materials are encouraged

By considering your building choices, you can easily increase the comfort, safety, and efficiency of your home or other structure without putting undue stress on our natural resources. By making the structure “greener,” you help to minimize pollution, protect the natural environment, and create a healthy, comfortable, non-hazardous workplace and living space. You should THINK GREEN before you begin any construction project!

As more people learn to recycle, more and more construction products are being made from recycled materials. Reusing materials instead of dumping them in landfills saves valuable resources. By actively looking for and buying products with recycled content, you further encourage the recycling industry. Like our clients, we care about the environment. We take extra steps to incorporate green building techniques as much as possible into all stages of your construction project!

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