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Commercial Construction

We specialize in commercial construction in the Lake Norman area, including new facilities, renovations, build-outs, concrete work, industrial warehouse projects, office buildings, and more.

Barlowe Brothers, LLC offers new construction and remodeling services for small to medium-sized commercial projects. We specialize in commercial construction, including new facilities, renovations, build-outs, concrete work, industrial warehouse projects, office buildings, church construction, etc. Dream big, dream small or dream one project at a time. We have a diverse team of qualified professionals that can bring your vision to life.

New Building construction is the process of adding a structure to real property. New commercial construction can be for many building types including: office, retail, warehouse and storage facilities. While size, function and purpose of the building or structure will most certainly vary, all require common elements such as foundations, plumbing, electrical, framing roofing, etc. It is important that the Contractor constructs the building or structure according to all local building codes and regulations to ensure the quality, safety and longevity of the building.

High quality and a proven track record have made Barlowe Brothers the contractor of choice for many satisfied clients. We are a full service company handling all phases of construction projects. Attention to detail and professional expertise go into every project, regardless how large or how small it may be. We take great satisfaction in delivering a quality project on schedule to every client. We also pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship and high-quality materials that meet or exceed local and regional building codes.

We understand the importance of the planning phase of your warehouse or commercial construction building project. Working out the details first will ensure smoother job-site execution, which means faster occupancy, fewer problems and costs remaining within budget. We will discuss with you the type of facility you need to satisfy your goals.

When the project is an addition or renovation to an existing building, close coordination and cooperation are required. We work with you to keep your business running during the construction process. Your work can continue while we do ours!

Our overall goal is to create a high comfort level between the client contact and key members of the Barlowe Brothers project management team. This improves communication and assures virtually no surprises along the way.

Our track record of bringing projects in on time and within budget is virtually unmatched. No project is too challenging or unique, too big or too small. Our goal on every project is the same – build it safely, on time, on budget and exceed the client’s expectations. Progress and costs are closely monitored and a high number of satisfied clients is the result.

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