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Structural Design Trends

3 Structural Design Trends of 2016

Structural Design Trends
As with food and fashion, structural design trends in homes, tend to occur in cycles.  Architectural and structural design trends in home layout, choice of materials, and construction methods are constantly evolving.  Here are some of the structural design trends to look for in 2016. Blending Indoor and Outdoor Living: In 2016, you can look for new homes that seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor living.  By installing large-scale glass pocket doors or door panels, builders are able to integrate Read more

The Top Structural Design Trends: 2015 Edition

Structural Design Trends
Are you up-to-date with today’s structural design trends? 2015 has a lot to offer in the way of custom home design, and our design professionals at Barlowe Brothers, LLC can help you to find out what style best suits your need for practicality and tastes. In 2015, we are seeing a lot of traditional styles returning to the forefront of custom home construction and design. American and European style offerings bring aesthetically pleasing curb appeal to a modern, energy efficient and often-digital Read more

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