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Tackle Your Summer To-Do List with These Simple Renovations

RenovationsWhen the temperatures outside begin to heat up, you likely start itching to make changes to your home. If you feel like extensive renovations are the only way to create more space, these simple tips can help you make this happen in an affordable and simple manner, while also helping you check things off your summer to-do list.

The Bathroom

If lack of storage space in your bathroom is getting you down, use your wall space to create more places to store things. For example, if you have a hard time finding places to keep extra towels, consider installing a shelving system above the toilet. Or, you can put a curtain around your pedestal sink and create a hidden storage area. If you have a little bit more money in your budget for renovations, consider replacing your old vanity with a new one that lends itself to more storage.

The Kitchen

With all of the kitchen tools and appliances you use on a daily basis, it’s essential that you’re able keep them well-organized and within reach at all times. To do this, try putting dividers in your cabinets, putting the things you don’t use on higher shelves, or putting up racks and extra baskets in your pantry.

Leave the Larger Renovations Up to Us

Although these small renovations can help you create more space in your home as you attempt to get more organized this summer, the larger renovations should be left up to us at Barlow Brothers, LLC. If more space is what you’re after, we can make it happen.

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