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Surprising Trends in Church Building

church-building-13Unlike building a home, a church building is not something that the average person will see several of being built at once in the same neighborhood. However, like building a home, church building has trends and styles that come in and out of favor with the people who want to build them. In the past few years, there are a few trends in church building that some people may find surprising.

First, the “mega-church” or other enormous churches are falling out of favor. Many of these larger churches struggle with a myriad of issues, such as a drop-in membership, changing of leadership, poor management of funds, etc. Church building today tends to focus on smaller, more traditional buildings to depart from the problems mega-churches faced.

In addition to smaller churches, church building today focuses on a versatile building, rather than the classical church many people picture. Often, stained glass and ornate woodwork is traded for simple, even casual meetinghouses that house multi-purpose rooms. The idea behind this logic is that people are able to use the church building during the week as well for other uses.

Another trend in church building is to use updated and high-tech materials. Rather than an organ, in a modern church building, you’re more likely to see a sound system or projector set up to connect with today’s technological generation. While church buildings have changed in appearance, many churches still have the needs of the membership in mind and are using these trends to meet those needs.


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