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Smart and Healthy Custom Home Design Trends
At Barlowe Brothers, LLC, we understand that when you build your custom home, you want to build something that will last.  We also know that sometimes the addition of a few upper-crust structural design elements can turn your beautiful new home into what is truly a dream home.  Of course, the personal function and beauty of your home are important when considering your overall layout and design.  New structural custom home design trends can also offer a few ideas of how to take your home from “lovely” to the “absolutely amazing” talk of the neighborhood. 

Here are a few custom home design trends of 2017 that you may want to consider as we discuss building your custom home.

  • Technology: Technology has certainly become an integrated necessity within our daily lives.  It is also becoming more common as a built-in feature of our homes, themselves, from smart phones to now having smart homes.  Newer technologies in your home can help with everything from lighting and automatic shades to heating and cooling, entertainment, outdoor and indoor music, keyless home entry, and a myriad of safety features, all with just a touch of your finger or the sound of your voice.  We can help you connect these items between rooms, providing an ease of management of your home
  • Environmental Impact: New construction technologies and materials are now allowing for companies to “go-green” when building your luxury custom home.  More homeowners and companies are looking to ways to limit their eco-footprint.  Consider discussing “green” construction when you look into building your home, and you’ll find it not only benefits the environment, but is also a smart way to ultimately save you money.

Inviting Nature In: When it comes to custom home design trends, beautiful patios and outdoor living spaces have long been popular features, and architects, builders, and homeowners are now finding more ways to also bring nature into their living spaces.  Consider the peace and tranquility that you can feel when you invite natural elements into your home through building materials and finishes, wide-open window features, or even modern green spaces within your home.  Research shows that spending time in nature reduces stress and can simply make us happier.  Why not make this proven stress-reliever more accessible and a part of your home through striking design features and inclusive concepts?  The sky is truly the limit.