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How to Protect Your Children During House Renovations and Construction

House Renovations and ConstructionHouse renovations and construction can be a messy and potentially dangerous situation if you have small children in the home. If you are renovating specific rooms or spaces, it is important to not only keep your children away from these areas, but also to ensure that the house renovations do not encroach on any of the “safe” areas of the house. Without taking proper precautions, children could be injured by tools, toxic products, or heavy furnishings. Instead of risking the safety of your children, use these 3 steps to protect them while you are going through home renovations.

  1. Hire a contractor who is kid-friendly. The first step in the safety of your children during house renovations and construction is to hire the right contractor who understands your needs of safety for your family. Hiring a contractor who understands that there are small children in the house will lead them to know that they have to erect proper barriers, cover live electrical work, and properly store tools. Before hiring your contractor, ask if they have any experience with working on sites with young children present and ask them how they will go about maintaining a kid-friendly work area.
  2. Section off home renovations from other areas. Erect barriers or child safety gates around home renovations to keep them out of bounds for children. You can also provide alternative areas for children to access certain things. For example, if you are renovating a kitchen, you may want to set up a small refrigerator somewhere else in the house so that the kids aren’t tempted to go into the area under renovation to get a snack.
  3. Schedule the home renovations for when the children are not in the home. Ask the contractor to begin and finish work when the kids are in school or at daycare. If the children are away from the home renovations while they are being completed, the less risk there is from one of them being injured.


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