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Innovations in Green Building

Green BuildingGreen homes, often referred to as energy-efficient homes, have existed for a number of years and are gaining in popularity among homebuyers.  As consumers become more conscious of their energy consumption and costs of building decrease, the demand for green building will only continue to increase.  According to the World Green Building Trends 2016 survey, green building has doubled every three years, and more than half of all building projects are projected to be green by 2018.

Here is a brief look into the future of green building:

  • Solar Power: While solar power is not a new technology, recent advances have made it a cost-effective and sustainable energy option for homeowners.  In addition to more efficiency in the solar panel technology, new tools such as Google’s Project Sunroof allow building owners to project potential energy cost savings in their area.  Additionally, recent developments in home energy storage have the potential to allow green homes to operate completely off the grid.
  • Water Conservation: Climate change and regional droughts have driven developers and property owners to consider ways to reduce water consumption and increase conservation.  Some of the technologies being used in green building include rainwater collection and water-conserving fixtures, as well as utilizing environmentally friendly landscaping.
  • Net-zero Energy Consumption: Net-zero energy consumption is achieved when a green building produces as much energy as it consumes.  This is achieved by combining high-efficiency energy production (largely through solar panels) with energy conserving building materials and appliances.

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