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The Hottest Styles and Trends in Green Building

The Hottest Styles and Trends in Green BuildingBeing eco-conscious or “green” is no longer a hippie fad, but rather is a hip new trend for many people! This growing consumer base of eco-conscious individuals wants their homes to reflect their lifestyle and values. With the increased availability of green materials available for building, there’s no reason why you can’t follow some of the hottest styles for green building.

  • Look down! While hardwood flooring is beautiful and timeless, a trend for green building in homes is to look for woods made from sustainable forestry or to choose bamboo flooring. Bamboo replenishes itself after being harvested in a very speedy timeframe, leaving it to be an eco-friendly choice. Bamboo also closely mimics the look and durability of hardwood floors and comes in a variety of stains.
  • Think outside the box! For many years, granite countertops were the ultimate in luxury countertops. Green building is more likely to use quartz or composite countertops that are equally beautiful, durable, heat and scratch resistant, and can even be imbedded with anti-microbial agents. Going beyond traditional granite has become a popular trend for green building.
  • Opt for energy-efficiency! Light bulbs, windows, doors, insulation, and roofing are all items that used to be after thoughts, but in green building, these items get their time in the spotlight! All these items can save a homeowner a significant amount of money on their utility bills, which is something every homeowner can get excited about!

If you have questions about green building for your next home, contact us at Barlowe Brothers, LLC in the Lake Norman & Mooresville, North Carolina area.

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