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Your Custom Dream Home

There are few things in life that are as exciting as building your own custom dream home in the Lake Norman area of NC.

barlowe-brothers200There are few things in life that are as exciting as building your own custom dream home. The images & colors of your ideas dance in your mind, until you can faintly see the outlines of a dream… your dream home! Barlowe Brothers, LLC can transform your ideas from that dream home into a living reality. So why settle for a cookie cutter design when you can achieve a custom built home made just for you?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could sit down with a builder who would listen exclusively to your ideas and dreams, shape them, and create a masterpiece that would exceed your wildest expectations? We can! We offer ourselves as conduits to your dream home, by creating a world where you have access to an award winning builder. Access that fosters a relationship in which those dreams will become a reality.

Barlowe Brothers can help make your dreams come true. Our commitment to total client satisfaction inspires us to approach all construction projects with the quality and care that has earned us our outstanding reputation. We will walk you through the design and build process, ensuring that all your goals are met and attention is paid to the smallest of details.

But what sets us apart and makes us different?

Our creativity…

We take great pride in developing original homes that offer a distinguished style, reflecting your own purpose, personality, individuality and lifestyle. Working with you every step of the way, we strive to learn your preferences, ensuring that your dream home is efficient, comforting and welcoming.

Our attention to detail…

We believe fine details matter, from the calculated view from the study at noon, to the quality of insulation behind each wall. Our skilled craftsmen and carpenters select only the finest quality materials, carefully and meticulously building your home by hand – piece by piece! We construct homes that last using the time-worn tradition of durability, creativity, craftsmanship and sheer excellence.

Our project management…

We build friendly, supportive relationships with all parties involved in the development process – from your chosen architect to your interior designer – coordinating schedules and ensuring on-time delivery. We administer and file all permitting requirements, coordinate plumbing, electrical and gas integration, manage and supervise the job site and effectively handle all issues that may arise.

Our bringing you value…

With homes of this caliber, exquisite quality and on-time construction are, to us, non-negotiable. But what might surprise you is how focused we also are on value. We competitively bid every project to our network of trusted subcontractors, from whom we demand the best pricing. Our decades of estimating experience, efficiency techniques, and proactive approach result in homes that represent outstanding value for your dollar.

Our attention to the environment…

With so many sustainable materials and technologies available, building an environmentally responsible home is easier than ever. Committed to ecologically sound building practices, Barlowe Brothers is an active member of the Green Building Council and carries the Certified Green Professional designation.

Our professional experience…

We deliver exceptional experience, bringing more than 30 years of home development knowledge into each new project. With this level of expertise, we can offer our clients an efficient and relaxed building process.

It’s Your Dream… Your Choice…

Your New Custom Dream Home!


But are you afraid that you may not be able to afford it? Let’s look at changing your concept of what is possible. Experience has shown us that if you can afford a new home, you can afford a custom built home! Your home is more than just a house – it’s an accumulation of your hard work, your desires, and your dreams!

Imagine architecture that projects grace and beauty from every angle. Discover expansive interiors that are a delight throughout with a harmonious blend of fine features, finishes and touches wherever you look. Practical, affordable and certified for energy efficiency through Energy Star, Barlowe Brothers will forever change your concept of what is possible.

Collectively, we will mold your dreams into a work of art that will truly “…withstand the test of time.” So why don’t you take a journey with us – for together we can build your Custom Dream Home!


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