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Custom home design trendsThere are many custom home design trends circling through different neighborhoods, and we want to help you achieve the dream home you’ve always wanted. Although you may not want to make extreme changes since styles do change, there are subtle ways to keep your home trendy and classic at the same time.

Here’s a list of a few current custom home design trends you should consider.

  • Indoor space merging seamlessly with outdoor spaces
  • An increased use of board and batten
  • Unique staircase designs and materials
  • Relaxing and inviting outdoor spaces for entertaining
  • Copper sink basins and bathtubs
  • Industrial and modern architecture and design
  • White and clean designs
  • High-tech integration/automating processes in your home
  • Exposed wood or brick walls
  • Luxury master bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Creating exercise rooms, movie theater rooms, or game rooms with extra space
  • Increased focus on entertaining spaces both inside and outside
  • Stainless steel kitchen appliances
  • More combinations of lighting (ie. Recessed, chandelier, and task lighting in the same space)

As you review this list and research other trends, it’s important to find what you like and also what you’re comfortable with. Some trends may be too extreme for you, but don’t feel like you need to force it. At Barlowe Brothers, LLC, we have the expertise to help you integrate custom home design trends into your home, and we’re excited to get started. Remember, you can mold these trends into your home with small projects and attention to detail. As we work together, we’ll be able to create something that gets your home looking young and new again.