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Custom BuilderWhen it comes to hiring a custom builder, value and cost are two very important words. While there are several custom contractors out there who will offer a low bid at an attractive cost, the value of the experience and work may suffer due to several factors not limited to experience and insurance.

When hiring a custom builder, you should ensure, for your own safety, that the builder meets all of the legal requirements for a custom contractor. Asking for proof of license is an extra step that you will not regret in the long run. Most reputable custom builders are proud to show you that they are licensed and insured for your peace of mind.

Communication is key when it comes to working with a custom builder. Clearly stating a plan and having open and clear communication between builder and homeowner is of utmost importance. Your home is a huge financial investment, and ensuring that communication is clear and open can save you from additional costs and stress that may stem from miscommunications.

Making sure the custom builder clearly understands your desires as far as structure, style and budget will aid in a successful and safe build. Ask your custom builder how they will keep you informed every step of the way in the building process of your home. A custom builder will keep you in the loop with a checklist that outlines timing and priorities for each step of building your home, so if something is required of you, you will have plenty of time for decisions.

One of the most ominous parts of building a home is the fear of going over budget. Make sure you ask your custom builder how to avoid spending too much. An experienced builder will be able to tell you where homeowners typically go over budget and how it can be avoided in your case without sacrificing your desires.

When it comes to custom builders, you’re only as good as your last job. Experience speaks louder than words. Make sure you are hiring a custom builder who has vast experience and satisfied customers behind them.

At Barlowe Brothers, LLC, we’ve been in the custom building business for over 50 years. We have earned several awards for our custom builds and are proud to share that experience with our customers. We have nothing to hide, and of that we are extremely proud. Our motto is, “You Deserve the Best, Excellence is Our Quest”.