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Building or Remodeling Your Church Building for Faith and Functionality
Building or remodeling a house of worship can feel like an especially important task.  Not only are you building a place meant to help inspire faith and serve as a type of sanctuary, but you are also creating a building that needs to be functional for its intended purposes.  At Barlowe Brothers, LLC, we take a special pride in helping to make your church building a place of both faith and functionality, fit for the needs of your congregation and its community. 

Here are a few questions to consider when designing a new church building, or when you are thinking of expanding and improving upon your current facility:

  • Is it easily accessible to all types of patrons?  Many building designs can make a statement, but do not always provide easy flow or functionality for patrons of all ages and abilities.  We bear this in mind and can help you create a design that is both aesthetically inviting and considers the movements of your growing membership.
  • Do you want your church building to be able to house all of your membership at one time?  Depending on the size of your congregation and the growth you intend in the future, it is important to consider not only size, but also meeting schedules when designing your church building. Proper soundproofing between rooms and the layout of the building itself both play an important part in allowing joyful worship to take place in various rooms throughout the church building simultaneously, without being impeded by the noise of the other.  We can help you create a functional flow that will fit your growing needs.
  • Do you need an updated kitchen to allow for a growing community welfare program?  Perhaps your need has outgrown your current space.  We can help you design a place with your outreach programs in mind.
  • Do you need to remodel outdated rooms to fit your growing multi-purpose needs?  We recognize that your sanctuary often fulfills many growing needs, and many of these many not have been built into your original plan. We can help you create rooms that can easily shift from one purpose to the next, all while maintaining your style and the flow of your church building.

Even the most beautiful and cherished of church buildings may outgrow their congregations or intended purposes.  When considering building a new church or remodeling your current sanctuary, know that we are deeply committed to helping you create a space best suited for your work and worship.