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The Top Structural Design Trends: 2015 Edition

Structural Design Trends
Are you up-to-date with today’s structural design trends? 2015 has a lot to offer in the way of custom home design, and our design professionals at Barlowe Brothers, LLC can help you to find out what style best suits your need for practicality and tastes.In 2015, we are seeing a lot of traditional styles returning to the forefront of custom home construction and design. American and European style offerings bring aesthetically pleasing curb appeal to a modern, energy efficient and often-digital Read more

Saving Up for Your Dream Home: Four Creative Ways to Get Started

Dream Home
You’ve probably envisioned living in your dream home ever since you could remember, but felt like building this house was far off in the future. If the cost of building your dream home is holding you back, these four financial tips can help you get the savings process started.Be Careful with Your Expenses. Before you do anything else, find out where your money’s going every month. Then, write down what expenses are absolutely needed, and which ones can be eliminated. For example, if you’re Read more

Advice from Your Custom Builder: How to Make the Construction Process Go Smoothly

Custom Builder
If you decided to choose us as at Barlowe Brothers, LLC to be your custom builder for a home building project this fall, you can expect excellent project management, service, and attention to detail. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure that the construction of your new home goes as smoothly as possible.  Don’t Delay Decisions As your custom builder, we realize that when you build a custom home, you want everything to be perfect. However, if you wait too long to make decisions Read more

Give Your Kitchen and Living Room a Modern Feel with these Home Design Tips

Home Design
If you like your home, but feel like it’s progressively becoming more and more outdated, you may want to update its look and feel. With these simple home design tips, you can get things started and make your kitchen and living room more contemporary. The Living Room The living room in your house is probably the area where you spend the most time with your friends and family members. To make your living room home design more contemporary, get rid of any old wallpaper, scrape off any popcorn ceilings, Read more

Don’t Let these Home Remodeling Mistakes Get in the Way of Selling Your Home this Summer

Home Remodeling
As you get ready to put your home on the market this summer, you may want to invest in a few home remodeling projects to increase your property’s value. As you embark on the home remodeling process, make sure you don’t make these common mistakes.Using Materials and Finishes that Don’t Match the Neighborhood- While making decisions about home remodeling upgrades, make sure that the materials and finishes you use complement others homes in your neighborhood. Even if you’re putting in the Read more

Tackle Your Summer To-Do List with These Simple Renovations

When the temperatures outside begin to heat up, you likely start itching to make changes to your home. If you feel like extensive renovations are the only way to create more space, these simple tips can help you make this happen in an affordable and simple manner, while also helping you check things off your summer to-do list. The Bathroom If lack of storage space in your bathroom is getting you down, use your wall space to create more places to store things. For example, if you have a hard time Read more

6 of the Best Bathroom Ideas for Luxury Homes

A bathroom renovation can be your most valuable home renovation project. Building a custom bathroom in a luxury home can elevate that house to something fit for a king. Luxury bathrooms are gaining popularity because although they are certainly functional, these bathrooms are also an oasis away from other rooms that may be busy or full with a noisy family. They can provide relaxation and be a sanctuary in your own home. Here are 6 of the best bathroom ideas for a luxury home that you can create:Underfloor Read more

How to Protect Your Children During House Renovations and Construction

House renovations and construction can be a messy and potentially dangerous situation if you have small children in the home. If you are renovating specific rooms or spaces, it is important to not only keep your children away from these areas, but also to ensure that the house renovations do not encroach on any of the “safe” areas of the house. Without taking proper precautions, children could be injured by tools, toxic products, or heavy furnishings. Instead of risking the safety of your children, Read more

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