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3 Structural Design Trends of 2016

Structural Design Trends
As with food and fashion, structural design trends in homes, tend to occur in cycles.  Architectural and structural design trends in home layout, choice of materials, and construction methods are constantly evolving.  Here are some of the structural design trends to look for in 2016.Blending Indoor and Outdoor Living: In 2016, you can look for new homes that seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor living.  By installing large-scale glass pocket doors or door panels, builders are able to integrate Read more

How to Make Your Dream House a Reality

Dream House
For many people, the idea of building their custom dream house is an expensive fantasy that only a few can afford. But here at Barlowe Brothers, LLC, we firmly believe that if you can afford to build a new house, you can afford to build a custom-built house, and we can work within your budget to make your dream house a reality.We have extensive experience building throughout Lake Norman, Hickory, and Mooresville, North Carolina and have helped many homeowners realize their custom home dreams. Read more

7 Custom Home Design Trends

Custom Home Design Trends
Building a custom home gives you, as the homeowner, the ability to add the features, materials, and designs that you want in your home.  Here are seven custom home design trends that you can incorporate into your dream house.Keyless Entry- With the advancement of technology, many homeowners are switching to keyless locks, and custom builders are even installing biometric fingerprint locks. Some locks, such as Schlage Century, allow you to use your smartphone to lock and unlock your phone from Read more

Ready to Build Your Custom Dream Home?

Custom Dream Home
In a standard home building process, you are usually given a small range of design options, pricey upgrades, and a limited selection of colors and materials. Custom features, green building innovations, and unique design are usually out of the question.Going custom allows you to add that in-law suite, or hobby room, or design a unique modern stairway with iron posts and steel cords. Want quartzite countertops and porcelain tile floors? You got it! A retractable glass wall that opens to the backyard? Read more

How You Can Achieve Your House Renos on a Budget

House Renos
House renos can be exciting and intimidating all at the same time. The cost and the inconvenience are often at the forefront of most homeowners’ fears, but with a construction contractor you can trust and some professional guidance, you can put your all of your fears to rest.A professional builder can help you better estimate the cost of your house renos. Working with the help of a professional contractor can give you the inside scoop on how to save money without sacrificing your desires, value Read more

Choosing a Custom Builder You Can Trust

Custom Builder
When it comes to hiring a custom builder, value and cost are two very important words. While there are several custom contractors out there who will offer a low bid at an attractive cost, the value of the experience and work may suffer due to several factors not limited to experience and insurance.When hiring a custom builder, you should ensure, for your own safety, that the builder meets all of the legal requirements for a custom contractor. Asking for proof of license is an extra step that Read more

This is the Year to Make Your Dream Home a Reality!

Dream Home
How long have you been lusting after the idea of your own dream home? Maybe you’ve saved up for a complete home construction, or are looking for some customized renovations. Either way, our team at Barlowe Brothers, LLC can help you get closer to making your custom dream home a reality.With such an extensive list of options, your plans for your dream home are limitless. Whether you are looking to build a French Tudor, French Eclectic or American Classic home, our design team can help determine Read more

The Top 3 Benefits of Green Building

Green Building
If you are an individual who cares about energy efficiency and the environment, then green building is for you. What is green building, you ask? Green building refers to a structure and its ability to be resource-efficient from the initial building of the structure to its eventual demolition. Green building is applicable to many styles of homes, so there is no sacrifice to a home’s curb appeal. Green building is a great way to be environmentally friendly, maintain energy efficiency and add value Read more

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