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Custom BuilderHiring a custom builder for your luxury home can be a difficult task. Also, even if you did find a well-reviewed custom builder, it can be even more difficult to find one who will give you good value.

Where you’ll find success in hiring a custom builder for your luxury home is in the balance between getting value and hiring someone with adequate experience. If you focus too much on hiring someone who gives you the lowest quote possible, you may be compromising on the amount of experience that the custom builder has. When finding someone to improve or build your luxury home, you want to make sure you’re finding someone with good experience and excellent references rather than the lowest quote.

Do your best to avoid recommendations based on nepotism. If you’re hiring a custom builder because they’re a friend of a friend and not because you received a good reference on their actual work, be wary. Only choose from custom builders who come with great work references. If they have examples of their work to show you or that you can go and view, even better, as you can get a first-hand view on the quality and competence of their work.

Don’t choose your custom builder based on promises. Always ensure that your custom builder understands exactly what you’re looking for. If you are looking for a specific design for your luxury home, find a custom builder who understands your vision rather than one who wants you to compromise it.

Above all, make sure you get everything in writing, including all agreements, design, and quotes. This will help you find the best custom builder to help you design your dream home.


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