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How to Decide When to Hire Professionals for Your Home Remodeling Projects

How to Decide When to Hire Professionals for Your Home Remodeling Projects
Do-it-yourself projects are all the rage, and for good reason. Many projects around the house can easily be accomplished by a little research, time, and personal vision.  Things such as applying a new paint color to a room or installing an updated light fixture can really make a difference in the look of your home.  Up-cycling old furniture into new and updated pieces can save costs while providing unique, signature pieces in a room.  However, there are also times when it is important Read more

4 Reasons Our Custom Builder Services Stand Out

4 Reasons Our Custom Builder Services Stand Out
Building a custom home is a special undertaking.  It is an investment in your future, and just like most investments, it is something that you take exceptional care over. We want you to know that, at Barlowe Brothers, LLC, we take this investment seriously. Our builder services are of the highest quality, so you can feel secure in the trust you’ve placed in our team.  We value our clients and want you to know how committed we are to you and to making your dream home into a reality.  Read more

5 Reasons You Should Choose a Custom Builder

5 Reasons You Should Choose a Custom Builder
You have worked hard, and now you want to buy a home that fits your style, needs, and comfort.  Finding the combination of those things in an existing home can be stressful.  Some tract or spec homes might meet some of your needs, but perhaps will lack the character you are looking for in your dream home.  Other homes may boast beautiful exteriors, but have a floorplan not suited to your personal preferences or needs.  While there are many beautiful houses on the market, why Read more

Building or Remodeling Your Church Building for Faith and Functionality

Building or Remodeling Your Church Building for Faith and Functionality
Building or remodeling a house of worship can feel like an especially important task.  Not only are you building a place meant to help inspire faith and serve as a type of sanctuary, but you are also creating a building that needs to be functional for its intended purposes.  At Barlowe Brothers, LLC, we take a special pride in helping to make your church building a place of both faith and functionality, fit for the needs of your congregation and its community.  Here are a few Read more

Smart and Healthy Custom Home Design Trends

Smart and Healthy Custom Home Design Trends
At Barlowe Brothers, LLC, we understand that when you build your custom home, you want to build something that will last.  We also know that sometimes the addition of a few upper-crust structural design elements can turn your beautiful new home into what is truly a dream home.  Of course, the personal function and beauty of your home are important when considering your overall layout and design.  New structural custom home design trends can also offer a few ideas of how to take your Read more

Got a Bucket List? We’ll Help You Cross Off “Custom Dream Home”

Your Custom Dream Home
Over the years, you’ve probably come up with a personalized bucket list. Perhaps you want to see the Seven Wonders of the World, take your kids or grandkids to Disneyland or on exotic vacations, travel Europe, go skydiving, or experience a natural disaster first-hand. While these are all bucket list items that would be done away from home, if you have something more practical on your list, such as owning your own custom dream home, we have some great news for you! We can help you to get your custom Read more

Get Your Dream Home with Home Renovations

Have you recently become the proud owner of a new home?  If so, does your new home meet all your expectations, needs, and desire? Or, does is leave you longing for a bit more?  Alternatively, are you the proud owner of a home that you’ve grown comfortable with over the years, yet with the changes in your life, your home is no longer meeting your needs perfectly?  If either of these situations sound familiar to you, you may want to consider home renovations. Home renovations can Read more

No Compromises Necessary When You Choose Green Building

Green Building
Sometimes, it’s difficult to find the balance between building a home or business that is ideal for meeting your needs while accomplishing the seemingly impossible goal of having it be environmentally friendly at the same time. However, even if these seem like two opposite goals, the fact is that with modern advances in building materials, processes, and technologies, it is not only doable, but easily achievable. When you are committed to building your ideal home or business while reducing your Read more

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