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7 Custom Home Design Trends

Custom Home Design TrendsBuilding a custom home gives you, as the homeowner, the ability to add the features, materials, and designs that you want in your home.  Here are seven custom home design trends that you can incorporate into your dream house.

  1. Keyless Entry- With the advancement of technology, many homeowners are switching to keyless locks, and custom builders are even installing biometric fingerprint locks. Some locks, such as Schlage Century, allow you to use your smartphone to lock and unlock your phone from anywhere in the world and see when it was last accessed.
  2. Charging Stations- Keeping with the technology theme, built-in charging stations are also becoming a popular custom home design trend. Common areas to add a charging station include the mud room, near the garage entrance, or a corner of the kitchen.
  3. Quartzite Counters- Quartzite is a natural stone that looks similar to marble, but doesn’t stain easily and has durability like granite. Quartzite adds elegance to any space and is on track to become one of the hottest custom design trends of 2016.
  4. Free-Standing Bathtubs- From claw foot to modern, free-standing bathtubs are becoming the standard in luxury bathrooms, so we couldn’t leave this one off a list of custom home design trends. Although white is standard, copper bathtubs are quickly becoming a popular choice.
  5. Barn Doors- This cool, eclectic feature adds a rustic but modern charm to homes and is a great way to add character to a room, while still being functional.
  6. Intricate Stairways- Stairways in custom homes have become more prominent in recent years, with builders treating them almost as an art structure. By adding materials such as iron posts and glass accents, they become a unique focal point in the home.
  7. Indoor/Outdoor Living- This last custom home design trend usually includes floor to ceiling retractable glass walls or stackable doors, to make a large unified living space between the indoor and outdoor areas of a home.

If you’d like to learn more about any of these custom home design trends or want to get started on building your own custom home in the Lake Norman area, give us a call at Barlowe Brothers, LLC.

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