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6 Ideas for Your New Luxury Custom Dream Home

Very few of us have the opportunity to actually build our own custom dream home. However, if you have the budget and the vision, the possible design features for your new home can be limitless! While other people are focusing on spa bathrooms and extra-large master suites, why not think outside of the box about what you can do in your home? Here are 6 different and amazing ideas for your new luxury custom dream home.

1. Indoor/Outdoor Pool – Like to swim, but can’t decide whether to have your pool on the inside or the outside of your new custom dream home? Why not have both? With a custom designed indoor/outdoor pool, you can have the opportunity to swim under any weather conditions.

Custom Dream Home


2. Under-Stairs Storage – Forget about hiding Harry Potter . . . what you really need in that empty space under your stairs is more storage! Consider a range of custom cabinetry for under the stairs that can house anything from extra clothes, to a pantry, to toys for the kids. You can even change it into a reading nook or a room for the pets.

Custom Dream Home


3. Green Wall – These days, everyone wants to be a little better to their environment. Building a custom dream home should be no exception to that, especially since by starting from scratch, it is the perfect opportunity to be as green as possible. One of the greenest statements you can make is by having your very own green wall. Green walls in the kitchen can house herbs for cooking, or in the living room, it can have beautiful, low-maintenance plants. Either way, with a green wall, you are helping to filter the air in your house while providing sound insulation and lowering the ambient temperature of the home.

Custom Dream Home


4.  Custom-Built Pantries – Stand-up or walk-in pantries are so last year! Instead, get creative with your food and wine storage by building a pantry into the floor of your custom dream home! With a spiral cellar, you can save valuable space in your room while creating a unique and practical design feature that will be sure to be the talk and envy of all your friends.

Custom Dream Home


5. Fantasy Bedrooms for the Kids – The kids should never be left out in the plans for your custom dream home. If your kids love pirates, why not build them a custom pirate ship to escape to each night? Or maybe a forest where they can sleep from hammocks in the trees? There are million different cool bedrooms that can be made for your children not only for sleeping, but for play for many years to come.

Custom Dream Home


6. Indoor Slide – Want to add a touch of fun and whimsy to your custom dream home? Indoor slides don’t have to just be for the employees at Google. With an indoor slide, you can make your home your playground and provide fun ways to get from one floor to another. Don’t have enough room for a stand-alone slide? Consider fitting one right beside the stairs as a fun alternative to boring stair climbing.

Custom Dream Home


Want to build your custom dream home in Lake Norman? Contact us at Barlowe Brothers, LLC. With every project, we strive to provide exceptional service and workmanship. Give us a call today for more information.

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