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5 Reasons You Should Choose a Custom Builder
You have worked hard, and now you want to buy a home that fits your style, needs, and comfort.  Finding the combination of those things in an existing home can be stressful.  Some tract or spec homes might meet some of your needs, but perhaps will lack the character you are looking for in your dream home.  Other homes may boast beautiful exteriors, but have a floorplan not suited to your personal preferences or needs.  While there are many beautiful houses on the market, why not consider a custom builder and designing your own luxury home? 

Here are 5 reasons a custom builder may be just what you are looking for:

  1. You get to design the layout to fit your needs and preferences.  Whether you desire an at-home office specifically placed for meeting clientele, a “mother’s retreat”, reading nooks, stunning outdoor living spaces and features, unique room designs and play areas, or want to create a spa-like feel in your master retreat, when you choose a custom builder, we can make your home built just to your liking.  This also allows for you to plan for future wants and needs when creating your own, personal dream home.
  2. Luxury you can choose.  Depending on your needs and interests, there may be some amenities and designs where you would prefer to put your money over others.  With a custom-built home, you get a large amount of control over the bottom-line, choosing to invest in features that matter to you.  This flexibility gives you greater control over your budget. 
  3. Control over location.  When custom building, you choose the lot, and thus you have more control over where your dream home is built.  Often you may find a house that fits most of your “wish-list” but that is not in a location of your choosing.  When you chose the lot and custom build your home, you get both the dream home and preferred chosen lot location.
  4. Low maintenance and energy-efficiency.  When we help you design your dream home, you are part of the process from the very beginning.  This means you are part of the discussion regarding building materials, finishes, and quality amenities.  Because your home is built new and using innovative energy-efficient construction technology, there will be fewer surprises once you move in with unexpected upkeep and needed renovations.  You’ll know what’s going into your home from the very start.  Also, we can discuss quality window fixtures, air-systems, and other design features that will help make your home more energy-efficient, ultimately saving you money and helping our environment.
  5. Personal assistance every step of the way.  As stated previously, we are with you from beginning to end.  In no other home building process do you get as much say or as much face-time with the experts as your dream is turned into a reality.  At Barlowe Brothers, LLC, we take special care to partner with our clients in creating something that is both masterfully done and purposefully designed. 

In the end, you are building more than a place to lay your head and eat your meals.  You are creating a dream space where you and your friends and family will be building memories for years to come.  Embrace the opportunity you have to put your touch on the creation of this home from the start.