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4 Home Design Trends for 2014

Home Design Trends

Our homes are expressions of our personalities and lifestyles. From luxurious outdoor oases to functional mud-rooms to spa bathrooms, there are so many different home design options to choose from. If you are thinking about a brand new home design, why not consider some of the latest interior decorating trends?

  1. It’s All About Black – While grey has been immensely popular during 2012 and 2013, black is the new home design color for 2014. According to a recent poll, 74% of homeowners admitted to being a fan of black rooms. From kitchens to bathrooms, adding a touch of black can be extremely classy. An instant modernizer, black is best left to larger rooms or as feature walls; however, it can also work well for rooms that have a lot of lighting so the color does not make the room appear smaller.
  2. Making A Smarter Home – In the past smart homes have been limited to alarm systems and intelligent refrigerators. In 2014, a growing home design trend is to have a complete smart home designed to work with your smartphone. A variety of independent systems are compatible to be controlled with your smartphone, including your security system, heating and cooling systems, lighting, audio and video systems, and household appliances.
  3. Cut The Lawn – We don’t mean break out the mower! If you are tired of mowing and maintaining your green space, a 2014 home design trend has been to reduce or break up the amount of lawn surrounding your home. Instead, move towards native groundcover plants such as moss or more creatively landscaped green spaces including synthetic lawns to eliminate the more traditional, water-dependent grass.
  4. What About Wood? Wood grain is back with a vengeance! In 2014, look to include some natural wood grain into your home design plans. Skip the paint and look for natural wood surfaces for kitchen counters and floors. Expect to see more live-edge wood (natural-edges) for both furniture and countertops.

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