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The 3 Most Valuable Home Renovations

Home RenovationsSometimes it can be hard to figure out what renovations you can do that will recoup the amount of money you spend on them. Typically, a lot of home renovations will never see a return on investment. If you are going to do renovations on your home in hopes of selling it at a better price, it is imperative that you choose smart renovations that will increase your home’s value. Here are the 3 most valuable home renovations you can complete to increase your home’s selling price-point.

  1. Siding replacement – One of the best renovations for the value is to replace your home’s siding. Not only does new siding help to boost the curb appeal of your home, but prospective home buyers will also like the fact that they will not have to replace the siding themselves for years to come. Replacing your home siding with new fiber-cement siding can add a value of up to $10,000 to your home.
  2. Adding a wooden deck – If you have the space on your property, adding a wood deck is another excellent choice for home renovations. Not only will adding a deck around your home increase your useable outdoor space, but it will also create a safe area for kids and pets to play and an ideal location for entertaining guests. Adding a deck can add up to $7,000 to your home value.
  3. Minor Kitchen Remodeling – Instead of doing large-scale kitchen renovations, think about putting your money where it’s needed the most. This can be changing the layout so it is more functional, adding or expanding cabinetry, or replacing old and outdated appliances. Focus on making your kitchen a functional space rather than just changing its aesthetic appeal; a kitchen that looks good isn’t better if you can’t use it effectively! Minor yet smart kitchen renovations can add up to $13,000 to your home value.


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