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3 Structural Design Trends of 2016

Structural Design TrendsAs with food and fashion, structural design trends in homes, tend to occur in cycles.  Architectural and structural design trends in home layout, choice of materials, and construction methods are constantly evolving.  Here are some of the structural design trends to look for in 2016.

  1. Blending Indoor and Outdoor Living: In 2016, you can look for new homes that seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor living.  By installing large-scale glass pocket doors or door panels, builders are able to integrate indoor and outdoor areas without sacrificing natural light, as is the case with screened-in porches.  Additionally, new flooring materials create seamless transitions that evoke the feeling of a single living area.
  2. Environmental Sustainability: As the green home trend continues to gain momentum, home-builders have become more conscious about incorporating environmentally friendly elements into the structural design of homes, as well as the landscaping.  As droughts continue to plague the country, water conservation will be especially important.  Water-saving fixtures, drought-resistant landscaping, and rainwater harvesting systems all play a part in water conservation and can be implemented in your new home design.
  3. Luxurious but Affordable Materials: As the cost of materials and construction continues to increase, it can be difficult to fit luxurious materials into your budget.  Instead, look for more affordable options that will stand the test of time while still giving a luxurious feel.  In 2016, look for more homes with reclaimed wood floors, which are durable as well as visually appealing.  Additionally, with the advent of 3D manufacturing, look for more choices in size, color, and texture of materials available in your home design.

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