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Surprising Trends in Church Building

Unlike building a home, a church building is not something that the average person will see several of being built at once in the same neighborhood. However, like building a home, church building has trends and styles that come in and out of favor with the people who want to build them. In the past few years, there are a few trends in church building that some people may find surprising. First, the “mega-church” or other enormous churches are falling out of favor. Many of these larger churches Read more

Commercial Construction: Steps to Take Before Hiring

Hiring a construction crew for commercial construction is not a task that should be taken lightly. When building a home, people take great care choosing the people they will have working on their home because a home is personally important to them. When it comes to commercial construction, shouldn’t you take just as much time and effort in selecting the crew that could build your place of business? There are few steps that can help you determine the right commercial construction crew for you.Background Read more

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